Predator Coaching was founded in 2020. Created to help individuals and teams harness the power of their natural talents to achieve improved outcomes, by using a strengths-based approach for personal development.

A strengths-based approach to developing people is nothing new. Although not referred to by the same name, it’s believed the strengths-based approach was developed as early as 1900. Today, 1.6 million people every year take the StrengthFinder assessment, and it's used by 467 of the Fortune 500 companies.

To explain the strengths-based philosophy, let me introduce you to Nairo, a cheetah cub. Nairo will grow up to be the fastest land animal on the planet, capable of reaching a top speed of 70 mph. Her top 5 strengths include: Acceleration – Speed – Agility – Vision – Stealth. Her instinct will drive her to perfect and intentionally use these natural talents to improve her performance.

This may sound obvious, however, we (humans) on the other hand, tend to do the opposite. Society today encourages us to be good at all things, development is often focused on improving areas of weakness or adjusting to the needs of others, sometimes trying to make you into something you’re not. This approach is commonly used in business as a means of employee performance management but at best will develop an area of weakness to average performance, most likely will be unsatisfying for the employee and potentially lead to disengagement. Ultimately, this approach does not achieve the desired result of increased performance and can have the opposite effect.

The Predator Coaching methodology provides a better solution. Understanding, owning, refining and developing natural talents, just like a predator in the wild would, will result in increased performance and greater engagement. 


Acceleration – Speed – Agility – Vision – Stealth

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