"Chris and I worked together in CH2M for several years. He initially coached me to take the next step in my career by applying for a management position which I would otherwise have considered out of my reach at the time. This was the catalyst that has led to a satisfying and enjoyable chapter in my professional life.

Chris regularly brought all European resource managers from the CH2M Transportation sector together to facilitate mutually beneficial development sessions as well as planning and executing an integrated approach to the development of staff within our specialist practices. Through his in-depth and up to date knowledge of self improvement techniques and continual research into accepted wisdom on the subject, Chris sparked a renewed passion for learning amongst us all; in my case leading to a post-graduate certificate in leadership and management.

When an opportuntity arose for me to take on a senior role on a major project, I did not hesitate in discussing it with Chris. His advice was extremely valuable and his coaching gave me the confidence to not only pursue the position, but also make an impact which has since seen me promoted further within the project team.

In summary, Chris is an excellent coach and mentor. He truly cares about those in his charge and invests fully into helping them achieve the very best they can."

Mike Green

Head Of Project Operations - Lower Thames Crossing


"Chris opened my eyes to the power of coaching in the space of just a few short minutes. While initially sceptical and unsure of the real value of coaching, I realised with Chris's coaching services that things were different. Through the training sessions I had with him I was given hugely insightful, relevant and actionable advice on how I could make the most of my talents and skills and understand how to use them to my advantage, in business and in my personal life too. The fact that I knew not only what my strengths were but also how I could use them to my advantage was they key to the coaching being so beneficial.

Chris's coaching methods were extremely well planned and entirely focused on what I was looking for. He showed himself to be highly knowledgeable on the wide-range of Gallup Strengths that are available and knew exactly what sort of an individual these traits showed and how I could take them to the next level. This, combined with Chris's exceedingly friendly, approachable and thoughtful nature, was the perfect mix. I would thoroughly recommend Chris's coaching to any professional looking to take their career forward!"

Ed Johnson

CEO & Co-Founder of PushFar


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